I am so excited about this film! I think that this man’s first-hand account of his home hemodialysis experience is an excellent resource for anyone considering how home dialysis will affect their life, their family members life, or their patient’s life.  I think it is important for people to watch it, to learn that they can have control over their kidney failure, it does not need to control them.  It is also important for us, health care providers to watch, to hear how much his life is improved, how well he feels, how many medications he has been able to eliminate, as a result of being able to dialyze at home.  His inspiring story is the potential for many of our in-center hemodialysis patients, I think this video has the potential to encourage many people to follow suit.” Marley, HHD Training Nurse

This documentary is a journey of  resilience, Love with a capital L, compassion and social justice.  I would recommend this to all health care social workers as a must see. It will generate much discourse.” Jessica Hunt-Underwood MSW RSW, Renal Social Worker Home Hemodialysis, Vancouver, British Columbia

This outstanding film highlights the friendship of two people brought together by the unity of home hemodialysis.The video shares the successes and challenges of home hemodialysis treatment and would be beneficial for potential patients, families, educators and renal health care professionals.”  Sarah Thomas, Home Hemodialysis Manager